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North India

Witness the patina of time in the sun-soaked walls of Rajasthan forts or admire the beautiful artisanship of Mughal era, while on your journey of North India. Each place will bring you something new. The narrow by lanes of Varanasi opens onto the tranquil Ghats, where you can sit for hours pondering in the company of saffron-clad sadhus. The North India Tours will take you into the deep crevices o...


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South India

South India is like a garden let free under a skilled hand. The rural beauty of the ‘God’s own country’ is unmatched by anything you have ever seen before. The South India Tours will take you across a transitional journey filled with abundant natural beauty, hint of spice and tremendous love for culture. To live in South India is like living in paradise. You will get a chance to navigate the backw...


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East India

The raw, wild beauty of East India is known for it’s pristine landscapes, it’s calming monasteries and tribal life yet to be discovered. While most travelers stick to conventional itineraries focused on Rajasthan or Kerala, those with a deeper perspective head for East India, which is paradise on earth. Wash your soul from the worldly grime by spending few hours in the company of monks or scale th...


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Central India

Most parts of India are resounding with tales of an old world. Reigns of kings left behind in form of crumbling majestic forts, a mausoleum so beautiful that it became a symbol of love, dusty 400 years old temples still standing proud and cities turned into ruins, shows you an India like no other. Through this Central India Tour, you could see all that and more, while experiencing a heritage sprea...


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West India

The sky is a little more blue and ground a little more warm in West India. This side of the country is truly blessed in terms of heritage. Clusters of centuries old temples, landscape studded by majestic forts and palaces, forms the dynamic beauty of Western India. If you are someone on a spiritual journey to rediscover yourself, a visit to beautiful Bhubaneshwar and Puri is fated. Here you can fi...


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Rajasthan is a region soaked in stories of a world gone by, reflecting in the imprint of exquisite architecture, old recipes and artifacts once used by kings. Strolling through the vast courtyards of ancient palaces, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the tales told by people even today, of the time when kings and queens lived a spectacular life. Find time to visit the temples that have been arou...


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India is a multi-cultural nation. It includes people of many religions and cultures and languages. India is the birth place of mainly four religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. According to the 2011 Indian Census, 0.74% of people practice Buddhism. India is the place where Gautam Buddha was born and attained enlightenment. Since it the birth place of Buddhism, there is more to India...


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India Religious

In the world ruled by work and smartphones, mental peace has become really important. A great way to enjoy a technological detox of sorts is to connect with your spiritual side. This Spiritual Tour will help you re-invent yourself by going on a religious journey with us, where we take you to the pious lanes of Puri & Bhubaneshwar, brimming with beautiful old temples and soothing energy of the city...


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India Rail

Wild beauty of India cannot be truly captured while traveling on flights or cars. It’s the local rail system that cuts through the heart of India, touching the rustic locales, lush green fields and most stunning of landscapes. You will come across unexpected sights and closely see the daily rush of an Indian lifestyle. Not only will it be an economical experience in comparison to what it costs you...


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India Golf

Play on world class golf courses, designed by top golf course designers in the world while on your Golf Tour. Enjoy a challenging game of golf at the top golf resorts in the country soaking in the luxury offered by them for rest of your stay. Spend the days walking on Tiff Dwarf grass, tackling the stimulating Nicklaus layouts before concluding with an evening spent at the resort’s relaxing lounge...


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India Culinary

Indian cuisine is a mélange of two kinds of households – peasant and royalty. Today this diverse, vibrant cuisine is a mish-mash of recipes handpicked from kitchens of the kings and his people. Through Culinary Tours, we will take you on a gastronomic journey across India, introducing you to it’s regional cuisines and it’s cooking styles. When in South India, sail on a houseboat, learning the tric...


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India Wildlife

Wildlife Tours itinerary will take you in deep wilds of the forests, treating you to an occasional sighting of wild animals. For two weeks, you will visit several wildlife reserves of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, witnessing the wild animals in their natural habitats. During the tour, you will spend the night at different national parks, waking up early to continue your wildlife safari with traine...


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If you have ever imagined what paradise looks like then come to Kerala. The natural beauty of Kerala will leave you gasping with wonder. Palm-fringed roads, houseboats cutting through backwater canals, elephants bathing in a distance, the deep silence of spice plantations and the sound of temple bells ringing in dusk, describes Kerala for you. But this is barely scratching the surface. Kerala is s...


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Across India

Ride through the sunset on a train winding it’s way through the Indian landscape on your Across India Tour, scaling the beautiful ridges of North India to the lush vegetation of South India. Stop by the holy city of Varanasi, learning about the religious culture of India before boarding the train for a new exciting destination. Across India Tour allows you to dedicate few weeks of your itinerary t...


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India Hill Station

Hill Station Tours will guide you to the most beautiful hill stations of North India. This 11-day tour is designed to give you the best of what North Indian hill stations has to offer in a compact informative way. Ride through the scenic panorama of Ladakh and Kashmir, float on a luxurious houseboat in Srinagar and play in freshly powdered snow of Gulmarg valley. Soak in the tranquil atmosphere of...


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Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the flag bearer of the rich Indian history left over by the Mughals. It is the follower of our great Indian culture and heritage. Along with this, a tour to the Golden Triangle is also ideal if you are a foodie. You will get the blend of North Indian and Rajasthani cuisines that are simply going to tickle your taste buds. You can have some of the most delicious kebabs on the...


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India Cultural

The combinations of all these aspects have given birth to a remarkable Indian culture. Our culture is an ideal mix of different styles and traditions. If you take the example of food, the cuisines of North and the South are entirely contrasting to that of other parts of India. Indian festivals are characterized by ceremonies, vibrant colors, enthusiasm, prayer, and devotion. There are assortments...


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