India Wildlife Tour Packages

Wildlife Tours itinerary will take you in deep wilds of the forests, treating you to an occasional sighting of wild animals. For two weeks, you will visit several wildlife reserves of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, witnessing the wild animals in their natural habitats. During the tour, you will spend the night at different national parks, waking up early to continue your wildlife safari with trained individual. Take your fill of lush forests pierced by rivers, hordes of majestic elephants and if you are lucky, king of the jungle, tiger. We promise, it will be a unique thrilling experience.

ABOUT India Wildlife

Flora and Fauna India is home to several 360 mammals and 1300 birds species alone. It is the home to exotic animals such as Wild Asian Water Buffalo, Indian Wolf, Bengal Fox, Himalayan Wolf, Striped Hyena, Macaques, Indian Sloth Bears, and any more. Talking about the Flora, India has homes 17,500 species of flowering plants out of which 33% are endemic. India is a great place if one wants to explore wildlife. In India, you can explore some of the world’s finest bird sanctuaries and national parks that will leave you in awestruck.

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