India Culinary Tour Packages

Indian cuisine is a mélange of two kinds of households – peasant and royalty. Today this diverse, vibrant cuisine is a mish-mash of recipes handpicked from kitchens of the kings and his people. Through Culinary Tours, we will take you on a gastronomic journey across India, introducing you to it’s regional cuisines and it’s cooking styles. When in South India, sail on a houseboat, learning the tricks of an Indian kitchen before sitting down for a lavish coastal meal. Stroll through the markets of North India, choosing your ingredients and then enjoying a luxurious regional curry meal with your friends.

ABOUT India Culinary

India is a diverse country, and its lip-smacking cuisine is the appropriate representation of its diversity. Culinary tourism is rapidly increasing due to people’s interest in exploring different types of cuisines and having a delightful culinary experience. Indian cuisine has developed over a time period of 5000 years and is still progressing. It is influenced by a number of factors such as traditions, religious beliefs, social customs and varied cultures which altogether form culinary delicacies that allure the tourists. Prominent for its distinctive flavours and spices, Indian cuisine is well-known globally. With the growth in culinary tourism, Indian food and restaurants are becoming highly popular among food enthusiasts all around the world. Culinary tours give the international tourists an opportunity to explore the varied cuisines of India and get and insight about their cultural backstories.

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