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India and its sub- continent offers a wide range of tour packages ranging from budget tours to romantic holidays to luxurious vacations. Lying in the lap of Himalayas, the cities of Nepal with tours of India make an excellent combination.Explore amazing tour packages for India & Nepal.

ABOUT East India

The snow-capped mountains of East India beckons all souls. You may be an artist, a finance whiz or somebody homely at heart, the white peaks covered with powdery snow calls everyone. East India is a magical place. From it’s untouched monasteries piercing the rocky cliffs, to colorful tribal culture, this side of India has a lot to offer and yet to explore. Through the East India Tour, you can scale the imposing mountains of Himalaya range or visit a monastery unpolluted from the outside world. Immerse yourself in the tranquility offered by Eastern India and walk with us into a world unscathed by noise. The raw, wild beauty of East India is known for it’s pristine landscapes, it’s calming monasteries and tribal life yet to be discovered. While most travelers stick to conventional itineraries focused on Rajasthan or Kerala, those with a deeper perspective head for East India, which is paradise on earth. Wash your soul from the worldly grime by spending few hours in the company of monks or scale the peaks of Himalaya for a resounding beauty. Ride a bike through the narrow crevices scattered around Ladakh, looking for a view of your own. East India with it’s natural splendor has a lot to say. Listen! Have a tryst with nature by taking the East India Tours with us. Let us take you to the highest of snow-capped mountains at Himalaya range or into the deepest of forests, only coming out with strained necks and big smiles. Soak yourself in the utter peacefulness of prayer-echoed monasteries, finding yourself changed like never before. The magic of East India is enough to transform you. Colorful tribal culture, simple at heart, will be the highlight of your journey. Ride a bike through Ladakh with wind in your hair and leave all your troubles behind.