Central India Tour Packages

Most parts of India are resounding with tales of an old world. Reigns of kings left behind in form of crumbling majestic forts, a mausoleum so beautiful that it became a symbol of love, dusty 400 years old temples still standing proud and cities turned into ruins, shows you an India like no other. Through this Central India Tour, you could see all that and more, while experiencing a heritage spread for thousands of kilometers in matter of weeks. Walk the corridors once treaded by royalty and stand on parapets overlooking ancient cities founded centuries ago. Experience Central India the way it truly is.

ABOUT Central India

Central India gives us a view into the beautiful wildlife, architectural splendours and the rich heritage of the country. Central India covers the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Both of these states hold enough amount of pilgrimage spots, the wildlife sanctuaries, mountains ranges and some ancient monuments to attract different kinds of travellers from different states.

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