India Rail Tour Packages

Wild beauty of India cannot be truly captured while traveling on flights or cars. It’s the local rail system that cuts through the heart of India, touching the rustic locales, lush green fields and most stunning of landscapes. You will come across unexpected sights and closely see the daily rush of an Indian lifestyle. Not only will it be an economical experience in comparison to what it costs you on flights or cars, end of the day it will definitely be a richer one. Chat up the locals traveling on a train with you and pick up some pointers on the way.

ABOUT India Rail

The base of the Indian railways was laid the British government. The first rail that ran in between Red Hills and Chintadripet in Madras was named as Red Hill Railway. After the Indian railways continued to expand today, it is World’s third largest rail network. It holds the position of Asia’s largest rail network. The Indian Railways is spread over 64,000 km which crosses almost 7,000 stations. Around 12,000 trains run every day on the tracks of India carrying almost 20,000 passengers. Whether carrying passengers or goods, it is the necessity of Indians and India. Indian railways offer a fascination experience of travel. It gives the glimpses of history and culture of the India state. The diversity, the unity, the love of the country is adequately represented by the Indian railways. The railway offers a wide range of train facilities to the domestic as well as international travelers. It accommodates different kinds of trains according to your budget. You can save your expenses by travelling through railway lines. It provides you access to some of the most exotic and relaxing places in this country without creating a hole into your pockets.

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