Eid Ul Fitar Festival of India

Eid Ul Fitar - Eid Ul Fitar or the festival of fast breaking is the biggest Muslim festival. Eid is derived from the Arabic word 'oud' or 'the return' to signify, well, the return of Eid each year. The festival is significant as much for its timing as for its religious implications. It is celebrated after the fasting month of Ramzan, on the first day of the Shavval month of the Hijri year. It is believed that the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed in the month of Ramzan.

105 million Muslims make India the second most populous Islamic nation in the world. Islam is also the most recent religion added to India's already potent cultural concoction. Islam came to India in the 12th century a.d. & opened a dialogue with Indian culture especially under the Mughals. Needless to say, it was a mutually enriching experience. India's Muslims live in the north but a significant number are found all around the country.